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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Snoop Dogg Says 50 Cent Owes Him Money, Takes His Car

Posted by Unknown on 3:12 PM

Snoop Dogg is turning the tables on 50 Cent.

After demanding payment from Rotimi, Teairra Mari, and Randall Emmett, the G-Unit mogul is now the one in the red.

While backstage at the Masters of Ceremony concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Friday night (June 28), Snoop spotted 50’s custom Versace Lamborghini Aventador parked backstage and decided to take it as payment for the money he owes him.

“50 Cent, ni**a owe me some money, so I’m just gonna take the ni**a car right now,” said Snoop in his video, which 50 posted on his Instagram account. “50, I’ma gonna take your car cuz till you give me my money.”

Snoop marveled at the pricey whip, which features a blue and gold color scheme. “This motherfu**er sweet. This motherfu**er made for a Crip,” added Snoop. “Look at this motherfu**er, Versace everything.”

50 later acknowledged that he may actually be in debt to his “P.I.M.P.” collaborator, who he brought on stage during Friday’s show. “@snoopdogg took my BIG CRIP out the Barclays ‍♂what the fuck going on,” said 50, adding, “wait I do owe him for coming out.”

He also posted a photo of him and Snoop on stage at the Masters of Ceremony show, adding, “It all starts like this, then you owe a ni**a. because he had hits before you.”

In a video the next morning, 50 revealed that he got high off Snoop’s supply, even though he didn’t smoke. 50 invited him to perform during his set, but he didn’t realize that he was charging him…so Snoop took his car instead.

“@snoopdogg tripping I had to go get my car back from him,” said Fif. “you play to much Cuz, want me to help you get it.”

50 eventually got his car back, much to Snoop’s surprise. “How the f**k y’all let 50 take the fu**ing car back while I was sleeping, man?” said Snoop in a video the following morning. “I was supposed to keep the car all motherfu**ing night. Y’all some stupid motherfu**ers.”

Watch it all play out on social media.


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