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Monday, May 7, 2018

Daz Dillinger Drops Kanye West Diss Track

Posted by Unknown on 5:24 PM

West Coast veteran Daz Dillinger unleashes a scathing Kanye West diss track in the aftermath of his Trump tweets. Titled “True to the Game (Part 2),” the new cut is actually a remix of Ice Cube’s “True to the Game” off 1991’s Death Certificate.

Daz keeps most of Cube’s lyrics intact, but changes a few of the words to attack Kanye. “I’m saying your name,” he raps. “You know who you are, Kanye, be true to the game.”

Later, he adds: “Soon as y’all get some dough, you wanna put a [censored word] on your elbow.” Although the line is somewhat reversed, it’s pretty clear that Dillinger says “Kardashian” where Cube’s original line said “white bitch.”

Later, Daz continues reciting Cube’s lyrics, deriding an “Uncle Tom” for being a “sellout.” He also references West’s slavery comments. “On TMZ, but they don’t care,” he raps. “They’ll have a new ni**a next year / See you out in the cold / No more white fans, and no more soul / See you might have a heart attack / When you find out the black folks don’t want you back.”

In between audio excerpts of Trump and others, Daz also changes Cube’s lyrics to address Trump. “You wanna be just like Trump,” he raps. “But Trump is calling you a ni**er, you dumb fuck.” Later, he adds: “You can’t pass / Trying to get lipo with your black ass.”

Late last month, Daz mocked West in a video and asked Crips to “fuck Kanye up.” Shortly after that, Dillinger said police stopped him. “Kris, did you call the police on me?” he asked, referencing West’s mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

Dillinger isn’t the only musician upset with West over his stance on Trump. Longtime Daz collaborator Snoop Dogg also mocked Kanye on social media recently, calling the “new Kanye” white and crazy. Chris Brown called Yeezy a “clown.”

Trump, however, is pleased with West. Recently, he thanked Kanye for doubling his poll numbers at the NRA convention.

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