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Monday, October 7, 2019

Ja Rule Says He and 50 Cent Are ‘Sworn Enemies Forever’

Posted by Unknown on 3:00 PM

Is Ja Rule trying to end his long-running feud with 50 Cent?

During his appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday, the former Murder Inc. rapper seemingly tried to extend an olive branch.

“We’ve been having this ongoing feud now for like, I don’t know, seems like 15 years, something like that. I think it’s time that we’ve grown past it,” he said. “I am removing myself from the circus. Because what I’ve realized, when you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus.”

But it didn’t last long. When host Andy Cohen asked him to say three nice things about his longtime rival, he didn’t hold back. “He’s a bad father,” he said before insulting his “big square box head.” He continued to take one more shot at the “Power” producer. “He looks like his breath stinks all the time,” said Ja.

And it seems as though the beef will continue on indefinitely. “We’re sworn enemies forever,” added Ja.

According to 50, the rivalry won’t end until one of them is dead. “It’s never over. We may take a break, but [it] ain’t over till one of us gone,” he said earlier this year.

Watch Ja address his “sworn enemy” below.


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