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Monday, September 2, 2019

Jacquees and Dreezy Break Up

Posted by Unknown on 2:21 PM

Dreezy is single again.

The Chicago rapper has reportedly ended her relationship with Jacquees. Taking to Twitter on Sunday (Sept. 1), Dreezy proclaimed her single status, tweeting, “Single” with the shrugging emoji.

Earlier in the day, she was seen partying with her girlfriends in the club. She also alluded to the breakup on Instagram Stories, writing, “When I stop answering the phone, it’s a problem.”

Dreezy, 25, and Jacquees, 25, started dating after meeting on the road in 2018. During an interview with Rap-Up last year, Dreezy opened up her relationship with the self-proclaimed “King of R&B.”

“He’s more than what y’all see on the internet,” she said. “I know y’all see the funny videos and the memes and the remixes and everybody think like, ‘Oh Jacquees…’ Every celebrity that you see on these blogs is a real person in real life. I used to be looking at him the same way, like, ‘Oh, there’s Jacquees.'”

Once they met, she realized there was more than what meets the eye. “When I met him, I’m like, ‘Oh, you a real person. Like, you got a mama, you got bills, you running a whole business,'” she added. “This shit not easy. I know firsthand ’cause I’m an artist. To kinda step around his world and his career and see how he handle it, I got nothing but respect for it.”

The couple collaborated on tracks including “Love Someone” and showed off their chemistry in the video for Jacquees’ single “Who’s.” For Valentine’s Day, Jacquees surprised his then-girlfriend with a puppy, who she named Chanel.

Jacquees has yet to address the split, but there are still memories of their relationship on Instagram. In April, Dreezy celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday by penning a heartfelt note. “You’re so inspiring, loving, & supportive to me & everybody around you,” she wrote. “I love watching you grow into the King that you are. Thank you for taking your time with me, teaching me, listening, & loving all of me. I’m such a lucky girl ❤ Love you.”


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