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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bun B Shoots Armed Intruder During Home Robbery

Posted by Unknown on 3:12 PM

Bun B fought off an armed intruder during an attempted robbery at his Houston home.

On Tuesday evening (April 23), a masked man with a gun rang the rapper’s doorbell in his gated community. Bun B’s wife Queenie answered the door, thinking it was a delivery man. The intruder held her at gunpoint and demanded valuables, and Queenie offered her Audi in the garage.

Bun B was upstairs and heard the commotion. According to TMZ, he grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder in the garage as he was getting into the vehicle. A shootout ensued and Bun B reportedly fired several shots before the suspect fled on foot.

Several hours later, the man, identified as DeMonte Jackson, showed up at a Houston-area hospital with a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. He was treated and arrested for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.

Charles Adams, Bun B’s friend and attorney, spoke to Houston’s KHOU 11 following the attempted robbery. “A man was seen trying to get into several homes, so it doesn’t appear that [Bun B] was targeted,” he said. “He was successful in getting into Bun and Queen’s home by ringing the doorbell and they were expecting a package. He then forced his way in, held Mrs. Freeman at gunpoint.”

Queenie feared that the man was trying to target her husband. “So she gave him the car keys and all the possessions she had,” Adams added. “He insisted on going upstairs. She acted like she couldn’t and pushed him to just take the car and leave. Her thought was that her husband was upstairs and unarmed and she was trying to protect him.”

According to Adams, both Bun B and his wife were unharmed during the incident. “Neither of them suffered any physical injury. Obviously there is a tremendous amount of emotional trauma and I hope that both the media and Houston kind of respect their time that they need to heal.”


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