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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Wale Calls Out Writers

Posted by Unknown on 12:24 AM

Wale Calls Out Writers

Wale will no longer sit idly by while his name is tarnished. The Free Lunch rapper recently found himself embroiled in a tete-a-tete with hip-hop writer Eric Diep, after Diep seemingly laughed at Wale’s inclusion in a “forgotten Freshman” gag. After Wale called him out, Diep claimed he was laughing at the audacity of the articles original author, GQ’s Mark Anthony Green. Wale wasted little time in adjusting the narrative accordingly, making it clear he’s not about to take any more disrespect lying down.

At times, it’s easy for a writer to forget that artists are human beings; therefore, the energy one can keep behind a computer screen is often different than that in real life. Though some make sure to tow the line between respect and general ribbing, others overstep unspoken boundaries with every passing day: full on hit pieces, “movements” like “Fuck Russ”, and general disrespect continuously risk keeping artists and online writers at eternal odds. We’ve seen Nicki Minaj lose her temper with one writer who seemingly crossed a line, and Joe Budden went off on a Complex writer in a viral video; they are but two of many. Can both parties exist harmoniously?

It’s clear that Wale feels disrespected here, even though the writer in question believes his comment to be innocuous. As of now, the discourse is ongoing. Since moving on from Diep, Wale has proceeded to turn his sights on Scott, calling him a Cudi Stan among other accusations.

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