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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Travis Scott, Logic, & Lil Yachty Celebrate Kid Cudi

Posted by Unknown on 5:27 PM

Before Kid Cudi drops his Kanye West joint project Kids See Ghost, Apple Music celebrates the Man on the Moon’s career. Travis Scott, Logic, and Lil Yachty are among the stars who pay tribute to Cudder’s legacy on “‘The Influence of Kid Cudi.”

La Flame celebrated his idol’s versatility. “I idolize Kid Cudi a lot,” he said. “That’s like, my favorite artist. I think he can go bar for bar. Some people think JAY-Z is the best rapper. I feel like he can compete with that and still have his own wave. I fuck with him because he always had his own lingo. He created a world for kids like me, who wasn’t just the ultimate drug dealer. He created that vibe and that planet, where you can mack on bitches and still be smooth, and still feel like you’re the king scientist. Not everyone is as real as their music is. That artist comes once every decade.”

Later, Bobby Tarantino honored Cudder for opening up about mental health in his music. “That dude inspired me to talk about anxiety or mental health, or all these things,” he explained. “He was the dude that was like, ‘It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to talk about these things, and go through these things.’ Especially now, because like I said, I’ve been made to feel terrible about being emotional, which is, to me, it’s almost like a neanderthal. It’s such a backwards way of thinking. I had that just through his music, in general.

“He’s the reason why I always introduce myself as Bobby,” Logic added. “When he came up to me and was like, ‘Hey I’m Scott,’ it was amazing. Like, ‘No you’re just a dude. You’re right. And you just taught me that.’ When you step to the mic, you’re a god, you’re the bomb, you’re the best, you’re the greatest alive.”

Meanwhile, Lil Boat said he grew up respecting his authenticity. “I’m one of the biggest Kid Cudi fans of all time,” he explained. “He was one of the only artists making the music at the time for like, emotional people going through something, or just taking dream journeys, like the real creative kids who are in the world. And he had that dope sense of style. He was like a guardian angel, like a tour guide throughout life. Most stuff is hidden, life is fraudulent and people just fake things. People fake like they like people, fake like they’re happy. People fake like they want to be somewhere. In the midst of all that, you have someone who’s just being 100 percent real.”

Stream “The Influence of Kid Cudi,” which features a playlist of essential songs and interviews with artists he’s inspired.

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