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Friday, March 23, 2018

6ix9ine Talks Trolling, Gang Ties, & Beef on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Posted by Unknown on 7:45 PM

Rising rapper 6ix9ine details his controversial past on “The Breakfast Club.” The rapper, who’s embroiled in a series of feuds, discussed several tumultuous issues on the program while calling himself “the hottest artist” in New York.

Tekashi went on to say he’s even hotter than Cardi B. “Cardi B is different,” he said. “Shoutout Cardi B. Cardi B is in a relationship with more publicity. What she got? The ‘Bodak Yellow’ song? Three top 10s. Yeah. That’s a fact. I’m the hottest artist in the city. Every song I put out makes the Billboard Hot 100. I don’t got no co-signs. I don’t got no G-Eazy [or] Offset co-sign. I’m self-made…It’s not no competition. Shoutout Cardi B. I’m the hottest artist in the city.”

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Sixty Nine conceded that he often trolls the industry. “I probably rub off wrong to you and a lot of people,” he said. “It’s my job to get under peoples’ skin.” During the interview, he also dissed several rappers, including YG, Casanova, and The Game.

“The Breakfast Club” hosts also asked 69 about pleading guilty to Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance. He said he’s “numb” to claims of pedophilia now. “I would understand if I was [older] and I caught that charge,” he said. “It would look disturbing…But I don’t think the media don’t see it. This kid got caught up in some shit… How many people out there get caught in some shit where a girl lies about her age? There was no sexual intercourse between me and the female at all. I got arrested for being in the situation.”

He admitted to pleading guilty, but claimed it was due to fear. “I pled guilty like this quick,” he said, while snapping his fingers. “I was scared, Blood, I didn’t have no money, I was poor…They was like, ‘This girl is missing. She’s this age. She’s in foster care and her family is trying to find her.’ My heart is sinking to my stomach and my girl’s pregnant at the time. They were talking 15 years and mad shit. I didn’t have money for an attorney. I didn’t have nothing. I was scared.”

Elsewhere in the interview, 69 prayed with the help of a pastor and also discussed gang ties, DMX, Birdman, and more. Watch the interview and read additional quotes below.

On Gang Ties: “In the hood I live in, there’s Crips and Bloods. If I’m with Crips and I’m with Bloods, I didn’t come home until this year. If people are like, ‘You’re running with Crips,’ I’m running with Crips, if people say, ‘You’re running with Bloods, I’m running with Bloods.’ I’m running with both. They both my homies.”

On YG: “Who was the ni**a that came at me? The dude that was hot mad long ago, YG. Didn’t he came out with that ‘Toot It & Boot It’ song in like 2002?”

On Casanova: “What’s this dude’s name? The Planet of the Apes dude, Casanova. I’m so hot. What’s the record he put out? You know what he did for a marketing scheme? He put my name in the title of the song…That was the smartest thing he could have ever did for his career.”

On DMX: “I don’t think he fuck with me. I followed him. He didn’t follow me back.”

On The Game: “He got a family. He got kids, right? Why he not taking care of his kids? He worried about the wrong things. His career, he’s trying to spark it. Like an old marriage, he’s trying to spark it up. It’s over, Blood. Hang it up.”

On Trippie Redd: “When he saw me working hard, it was more of a jealousy. I don’t got no problem with him. He was the one that brought [the allegations] to light. He made it seem nasty.”

On Birdman: “I’m not signed to Birdman. I be trolling.”

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