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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Doja Cat Says She ‘Manifested’ Her ‘Say So’ Remix with Nicki Minaj

Posted by Unknown on 9:24 AM

Doja Cat is turning her dreams into a reality.

On Friday, she dropped the remix to her hit single “Say So” featuring one of her favorite artists, Nicki Minaj. Now the L.A. hitmaker is opening up about how the long-awaited collaboration came to be.

Speaking with Nick Cannon on Power 106’s “Nick Cannon Mornings,” Doja said the remix “happened very quickly,” but she’s been manifesting it for years. “It was a conversation for a long time,” she said. “And I was like, ‘This is who I want, this is who I want. Please God, please, please, please.’ And it just happened.”

The idea originally started as an inside joke with her fans on Instagram Live. “I was ending every sentence with ‘featuring Nicki Minaj.’ So I was saying, ‘Damn you look good featuring Nicki Minaj’ [or] ‘My ass itch featuring Nicki Minaj,'” she said. “But that was so long ago but then it happened and I feel like I manifested it or something.”

When asked if she was privy to Nicki’s verse in advance, Doja said she was surprised just like everyone else. “It wasn’t discussed before so it was a surprise for me too, but she killed it as per usual.”

The remix includes some controversial lines, which some fans took as a shot at Wendy Williams (Nicki has denied the diss), but Doja says that’s all part of the appeal. “People want to create like a lore or like a story or a fantasy over somebody’s lyrics. At all times, if they’re big enough and there is some sort of seemingly ‘competition’ to whatever’s happening, so it’s just for their entertainment and not so much the truth.”

She added, “She’s an entertainer and that’s on period.”

The original “Say So” is currently No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, but should see a boost next week thanks to Nicki’s remix. Doja recently performed her Hot Pink hit as part of Vevo’s LIFT Live Sessions.


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