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Sunday, November 24, 2019

A$AP Rocky Wants to Perform for Inmates at Swedish Jail

Posted by Unknown on 2:15 PM

A$AP Rocky still has love for Sweden.

The rapper has expressed his desire to perform for his fellow former inmates in a Swedish jail, but doubts it could happen. However, TMZ reports that the facility could make his wish a reality.

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service has not received any formal request from A$AP regarding a potential performance for the inmates, but they’re not opposed to the idea. They would seriously consider his request and at least discuss how to pull it off.

A$AP plans to return to Sweden on Dec. 11 for a show at the Ericsson Globe that will include other Swedish artists. Proceeds from the performance will benefit immigration rights organization FARR, the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups.

“When I was in Sweden, I met so many people like myself. All of those immigrants didn’t really have the kind of support that they needed,” Rocky told TMZ. “I wanted to give back.”

The “Babushka Boi” spent a month behind bars over his involvement in a Stockholm street brawl. He said he doubted a jail performance would even be possible because the prisoners aren’t allowed out of their cells for more than an hour each day.

“I would love to, but being that it’s a maximum security, locked-down detention center and you gotta stay in a room for 23 hours a day, I doubt they’ll let those people get a performance,” said Rocky.

In the meantime, the rapper is doing what he can to help including designing the uniforms for the Swedish detention center he was in.

“I’m trying to do what I can with what I can, I just want to keep creating and encouraging whoever is after me to do it better,” he said.


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