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Friday, May 10, 2019

Chris Darden Withdraws From Nipsey Hussle Murder Case

Posted by Unknown on 2:48 PM

Christopher Darden, the attorney representing Nipsey Hussle’s alleged murderer Eric Holder, is quitting the case.

Darden, a former city prosecutor from the O.J. Simpson murder trial, filed a motion to withdraw as Holder’s defense attorney following death threats to him and his family.

“I cannot understand why in 2019 some people would deny a black man his 6th Amendment right to counsel of his choice,” writes Darden in a Facebook post. “Or why defending such a man should invite threats not only against me but against my children too.”

While he didn’t reveal the exact reasons behind his withdrawal (“I don’t know whether I will disclose them later or not”), he did have a message for those who threatened his life and his family’s. “To those who issued those threats to my children please pay close attention so there is no misunderstanding. Later. FUCK YOU!” he says. “As for me, I continue to thrive. I continue to be loved. I continue to walk with kings. And I will continue my pursuit of fairness and justice on behalf of my clients and others charged with crimes.”

Darden’s decision to defend Holder has been controversial, receiving backlash from the hip-hop community. But that hasn’t swayed him. “I will continue my pursuit of fairness and justice on behalf of my clients and others charged with crimes,” he adds. “After 25 years some of them still haven’t learned : Their lies and threats will never deter me from my mission.”

Holder has a hearing scheduled for Friday in L.A. Superior Court, which Darden says will be the last time he makes an appearance in court in the case.

Last month, Holder was arrested and charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon following the fatal shooting of Nipsey outside of his Marathon Clothing store.


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