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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ja Rule Blasts Critics After Halftime Performance Goes Viral

Posted by Unknown on 1:27 PM

Ja Rule can’t seem to catch a break.

Following the Fyre Festival fiasco, the rapper took the court for a halftime performance during the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game on Saturday (Feb. 23). But not everyone was feeling it.

The set was billed as part of a ’90s-themed night, but Ja questioned why they booked a 2000s artist. “They said this is ’90s night, so they brought out a 2000s artist,” he laughed. “But my album came out in 1999, so I guess that counts.”

Ja tried to start his set, but tech issues caused a delay. “Are we ready?” he asked the crowd at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum before receiving a tepid response. “I guess not,” he added.

Wearing a Bucks jersey, he went on to perform hits like “Livin’ It Up” and “I’m Real.” With three-and-a-half minutes left in halftime, the Bucks returned to the court to warm up while Ja was still performing.

The performance went viral and Ja was ridiculed on social media, with SB Nation calling it “the second-biggest disaster he’s been involved in.”

But Ja fired back at those knocking his performance. “Y’all really be on my dick,” he tweeted. “Let’s be CLEAR my sound was fucked up at first and didn’t come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that bitch… thanks for the love Milwaukee!!! Great win my streak continues… lol.”

Even the Timberwolves had some fun at Ja’s expense. “We too were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!” wrote the team’s official Twitter account.

In response, Ja put a curse on the Bucks’ opponent. “You just jinx yourself talking to the GOD this way… your CURSED NOW!!! You won’t win a championship for the next 30 years,” he tweeted. “AND KAT IS LEAVING!!! Apologize and I’ll lift the CURSE!!! kiss of death…”


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