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Saturday, December 8, 2018

50 Cent and Meek Mill Clown 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Over Tattoo

Posted by Unknown on 2:00 PM

While 6ix9ine remains behind bars in his federal racketeering case, his girlfriend is holding him down with a new tattoo and hairstyle.

Instagram model Jade took to the ‘Gram to show off her new “69” tat and rainbow hair in honor of her incarcerated boyfriend.

Her followers were quick to react including Meek Mill, who made a joke about her clout chasing. “Oh you clout chasing chasing? Y’all girls be crazy,” said the Championships MC.

Despite the comment, sources tells TMZ that Meek and Tekashi don’t have beef and Meek was only joking with Jade.

Meek Mill Jade IG

6ix9ine’s friend 50 Cent also weighed in on Jade’s new ink, reposting the photo and commenting on the couple’s brief relationship. “πŸ‘€ She was only with Danny for 5 days before the F.E.D.S came,” he wrote on Instagram. “is it LOVE 😟or the clout πŸƒπŸ½‍♂️πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨run charity walk. LOL?”

50 Cent Jade IG

6ix9ine remains in custody on six federal charges, including racketeering and discharging a firearm while committing a crime, which carries a max sentence of life in prison. He has pled not guilty and is set to go to trial on Sept. 4.

Prior to his arrest last month, Tekashi gifted Jade with a custom Rolex for her 22nd birthday. She posted a PDA-filled video with the Dummy Boy rapper following his incarceration with the caption, “I missssss him.”

Jade is also friends with 6ix9ine’s “FEFE” collaborator Nicki Minaj. She recently appeared alongside the rapper in her “Good Form” video.


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