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Friday, November 2, 2018

Lil Wayne Denies Birdman’s Claim He Conspired To Take More From Drake’s Royalties

Posted by Unknown on 11:33 PM

Lil Wayne Denies Birdman’s Claim He Conspired To Take More From Drake’s Royalties

After Birdman accused Lil Wayne of conspiring to take a bigger cut from Drake’s royalties in a countersuit, the “Uproar” rapper’s company Aspire Music Group has denied the claims and wants the lawsuit thrown out.

Lil Wayne and his music company, Aspire Music Group, filed documents to the court requesting a dismissal of Cash Money’s counter-suit, The Blast reports. Aspire told the court that the counter-suit was filed  “on the heels of Cash Money and Universal settling related claims brought against them by Young Money Entertainment” and Lil Wayne. They claim the allegations weren’t brought up until Wayne and Birdman settled their lawsuit earlier this year, even though the alleged fraud took place years prior.

Aspire claims Birdman and Cash Money’s countersuit attempts to “completely rewrite” the history of the company and how it was formed. They said Cash Money is trying to “concoct a new fantasy narrative that casts Cash Money as the long-suffering victim of a scheme orchestrated by the very parties that it just settled with – Young Money and its owner principal Dwayne Carter.”

Furthermore, they said Cash Money’s accusations don’t make sense since Wayne would have to go through a series of acts that would harm him financially.

Aspire Music Group, which is co-founded by Lil Wayne and his manager Cortez Bryant, sued Birdman in 2017, claiming Cash Money has been holding out on Drake’s royalties which they are owed. Aspire said they discovered Drake and their deal with the Canadian rapper which included them receiving 1/3 share of the net profits from Drake’s first six albums, as well as a share of the copyrights.

Birdman counter-sued Aspire earlier this year, claiming the company “was simply a shell company” and never conducted any other business besides helping Drake get signed. Birdman demanded Aspire’s lawsuit against Cash Money be dismissed and wanted unspecified damages for fraud, aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty along with interference with contractual relations.

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