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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Joe Ness – Interview @JoeNessNYC

Posted by Unknown on 7:21 PM

Joe Ness – Interview @JoeNessNYC

Your New Project is out tell us more about it.

My project is called “Mood Swing” No Date as yet still working a few things out but it’s on the way. The project represents me trying to change my situation from cold to hot, changing the “moods” of my competitors  from confident to worrisome. I’m in rare form.

What artist are you feeling right now?

Chow Lee , Kevin Antoniyo, Lil baby , Gunna , Dani Leigh, Jessie Reyes just to name a few !

Top 5 rappers of all time to you?

My top 5 to me would be Myself, Chow Lee, Drake , Fabolous, Thugga

Whats your next move?

My next move is to Swing the Mood of the Game,

Bring what I’m made of to the table

Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.

You can’t find my music:

And all major online Distributors
You can also find me on Instagram /Twitter

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