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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

#FunkFlexFacebookMessenger Top 10 Leaderboard November 6th, 2018

Posted by Unknown on 11:20 PM

This is the current top 10 on the #FunkFlexFacebookMessenger leaderboard for November 5th, 2018. Here you can find out more about each artist and submission. The talented artists in the top 10 have been recognized by the voters and stood out from the rest. The standings are always changing, so keep voting and keep submitting!



10. All Time Greats – Eno Abasi 

Eno Abasi is from Harlem, New York. His debut project “For The Sake of the City” is available on Soundcloud and Datpiff.

Follow him on IG @eno.abasi, Twitter @BrotherAbasi, and

9.  Moment 4 Life Freestyle – Ph33Lipe

Ph33Lipe is from Sanford, North Carolina. Follow him on all social media platforms @Ph33lipe

8. AG Almighty – SXSW x HNHH Freestyle

AG Almighty is from FT Lauderdale, Florida. Follow him on Twitter @AGIAMFL

7. Bronx Ni**a – Feddi Blacc

Feddi Blacc is from the Bronx, New York.

Follow him on IG @feddi_blacc_, Twitter @feddiblacc, and

6. Dubby (Duppy Freestyle) – Lu$t

Lu$t is from New Jersey. Find him on IG and Twitter @SincerelyLust, Youtube: Lust and his website

5. I’m Back Freestyle – 30 Baby

30 Baby is from Washington D.C. Find him on IG @30_baby.


Sea Division is a duo from Elmont, Long Island. Find them on IG @seadivision, @monstamattnyc, @auto100rounds.

Their EP High Tides is available on Apple Music.

3. 1900 Freestyle (Woodhouse Studios)- Bundles

Bundles AKA Young Bundles is from Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. Follow him on IG @youngbundlescf

Check out his mixtape The Struggle 3 on Soundcloud.

2. S*** On You Freestyle – Mo-Man

Mo-Man is from London, England. Find him @MoManTEG on Twitter, IG @momanteg, and Soundcloud-MMTEG

1. Unfuckwitable (Bag On Me Freestyle) – Scama Moe (scahma)

Scama Moe is from Newark, New Jersey and hit that number 1 spot!

Follow him on IG @cakeboss200250 and Twitter @MoeScama.
Check out Scama Season on

If you think you have what it takes to get onto the leaderboard, or even in that top 10, then submit your freestyle to the #FunkFlexFacebookMessenger! If you’re interested in being a curator and voting on the best with Funk Flex then sign up for a chance to get on the radar as a verified influencer that he trusts. You may get a chance to attend live freestyles, hang with Flex, and also become his personal A&Rs.



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