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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Flo Rida Ordered To Pay $50K For Baby Mama’s Legal Fees

Posted by Unknown on 12:27 PM

Flo Rida Ordered To Pay $50K For Baby Mama’s Legal Fees

Flo Rida’s been dealing with some serious court issues pertaining to child support over the past little while. The rapper and his baby mama have been duking out in court for the past little while and things have been getting a bit messy. However, it looks like things have finally come to an end as the judge has ordered Flo Rida to cough up money for his baby mama’s legal fees and his regular child support payments.

According to Bossip, Judge Sara Atzmon ordered Flo Rida to continue paying $9K a month in child support payments in addition to another $50K he must cough up for his ex-partner, Alexis Adams’, legal fees. The judge previously ordered Flo Rida to pay $9K a month in child support for their son Zohar earlier this year, but now, he must pay Adams $50K with $10K of that amount going towards legal fees from the previous law firm she hired and $40K for her current legal team. The rapper and his lawyer appeared at the Bronx Family Court on Monday morning via telephone.

“Often times it’s the party with the money that ends up paying the attorney’s fees,”  Judge Atzmon explained to Flo Rida. “It might not seem fair to you, it might not seem right to you, but she has to seek this petition.”

Adams and her lawyer claimed that two-year-old Zohar suffers from numerous health issues such as hydrocephalus which is a neurological condition that their son had to undergo surgery for on several occasions during his life. Additionally, Adams claimed that Flo Rida has been an absent father in Zohar’s life.

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