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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

6ix9ine Pledges To Go “11 For 11”

Posted by Unknown on 6:27 AM

6ix9ine Pledges To Go “11 For 11”

The rainbow-haired rapper is likely breathing a sigh of relief. Now that his legal woes are, by and large, behind him, 6ix9ine is likely free to explore music as a full-time job. We’ve already heard that 6ix9ine has been tightening his circle, likely making moves to put his career at the forefront of his priorities. That’s not to say he hasn’t had success in that regard; in fact, 6ix9ine has been racking up commercial successes on a single-by-single basis. Now, it looks as if he’s hoping to keep the streak alive.

The rapper took to Instagram to preview a new Murda Beatz produced banger, which he vows will go “11 for 11.” While asking fans to volunteer name suggestions, 6ix9ine bops along to his up-tempo new jam, firmly opting to venture into “sex symbol” thematic territory; the results have yet to be seen.

Yet there are some who see his potential, while still feeling like the young rapper remains unproven. Are we simply destined to never hear a full-length album by 6ix9ine? Sure, we have DAY69, but it hardly feels like a full-fledged project. Especially not when compared to some of hip-hop’s storied debuts. In any case, perhaps we shouldn’t expect Tekashi to pursue the “album” route, especially when his singles are seeing such success. Do you think he’s sitting on another one?

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