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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

50 Cent Goes At Busta Rhymes

Posted by Unknown on 2:39 AM

50 Cent Goes At Busta Rhymes

50 Cent is back on his bullsh*t. He left Ja Rule in the dust, after the pair went back and forth, taking shots at each other on social media. Fifty seems to have gotten bored with this particular virtual grappling opponent. He shifts his attention back to Busta Rhymes.

A video credited to @Rob_Lane_Edits was uploaded to his social media showing Busta Rhymes bumping onstage. The artist was ramping up to O.T. Genasis’ breakout track “Coco,” building his energy up until the beat drop. He pumps his fists while chanting along with Genasis, “I got baking soda.” Then, he gets real hype rocking to the song with some headbanging. The “break ya neck” motion was too much for Busta to handle. Somehow, The Big Bang artist falls off the stage diving to the ground.

The fall might be due to age or the overconsumption of alcohol, maybe even a mix of both. Either way, 50 Cent found a way to make it flagrantly comedic. The caption he attached to the clip alludes to his being called a bully: “Ok enough of the nice shit, how did this shit happen😆 Busta gonna say somebody pushed me.LOL”

We can always count of 50 for a healthy dose of trolling entertainment.

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