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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nas Performs ‘Adam and Eve’ on ‘Late Show’

Posted by Unknown on 2:06 PM

Three months after dropping his Kanye West-produced album Nasir, Nas stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to perform one of the seven tracks.

Joined by a pianist, DJ, and drummer, the 45-year-old hip-hop icon delivered the soulful “Adam and Eve” in front of a glowing green sign with his name, while Jon Batiste provided vocals.

Prior to the performance, Nas sat down on the couch to discuss hip-hop’s dominance and the possibility of recording an album aimed at “suburban life.” “Even if I did the suburban life album, somebody would like it because there’s a world there that’s not being catered to,” he laughed.

He also reflected on recording Nasir with Kanye in Jackson, Wyoming. “We were there and nobody bothered us and it was a good time,” he said. “Kanye’s the kind of guy who needed to be away from everything when he’s recording. I went there, it was a great experience.”

During his rural trip, he spotted a moose. “I think he was a sick moose ’cause he was like eating off a branch. He didn’t look that strong,” said Nas, adding, “You can tell a sick moose when you see one.”

Plus, he revealed one song from his discography that he regrets, “Dr. Knockboot” off 1999’s I Am… “I regret letting people talk me into putting it on an album,” he said. “The name ‘Dr. Knockboot’ is just…corny.”


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