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Friday, July 17, 2015

(Photo) Calvin Harris Opens Up About Life With Taylor Swift

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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are the newest celebrity couples to hit Instagram with adorable pictures. We’ve seen our girl Taylor Swift go through relationships, get her heartbroken and make a hit song about it. It seems almost as if we all even gave a little time for this new relationship to flourish before we got excited, due to her lack of keeping a relationship for a long time. Well Calvin Harris made sure to shut the world up and announce how happy he was with Swift.

That’s right , one of the world best innovating Dj’s Calvin Harris might have been the right match for Taylor Swift. Although he did state he is not used to so much media attention when it comes to paparazzi. The media makes up any random stories they can think of. “Even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, people will still make up stories.” They even said he was allergic to cats which was completely false. The Dj stated things could be worse, and even if it was at its worst, he would be insanely happy. AWWW!

I guess as a Dj people mainly take pics of you in the middle of a set, or even just a picture of the crowd you immensely controlled with your music. Not used to being photographed at random times during the day , even for casual walks with your girlfriend would be awkward for anyone. Especially if your dating a Pop Star like Taylor Swift.

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