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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Machine Gun Kelly Blasts Eminem During ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

Posted by Unknown on 1:39 PM

In the midst of his ongoing beef with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday (Sept. 20) to discuss his six-year-old feud with his former idol.

Slim Shady took a shot at MGK on Kamikaze‘s “Not Alike,” which prompted his “Rap Devil” response. When asked if he thought Em would respond with “Killshot,” he said it should have happened sooner. “He should’ve said it six years ago,” said MGK. “Truth be told, we had handled it behind the scenes six years ago.”

In 2012, MGK saw a photo of Eminem’s daughter Hailie and tweeted that she “is hot as f**k, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king.” Kelly said that he spoke with Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg and apologized for the tweet, but couldn’t reach Em directly.

“He’s a recluse. We can’t find him, so we didn’t speak,” he explained. “I spoke to Paul Rosenberg and his team because that is as man to man as it gets with him. It all started with the daughter thing. Man to man, I’ll tell you I apologize. Can I take the tweet down? Sure. Public apology? C’mon. We’re talking about the same guy who shits on dead people and Christopher Reeve, who’s in a wheelchair. It was a silly comment to have started all of this. I get it if it was gruesome words were used or there were sexual implications in it.”

He says Eminem never personally called him, despite what he told Sway. “What Eminem said wasn’t true. He didn’t make a call regarding the daughter situation. That was false,” he said. “Jimmy Iovine and Puff conference called me at nine in the morning with multiple other people. And that was a conversation that happened at three in the morning the previous night with Harve Pierre, James Cruz, Paul Rosenberg, James McMillan. Em lied. We don’t speak to Em. We don’t know where he is. We speak to his spokespeople. And I’m speaking on the world. I don’t even know why everyone’s riding for him so tough. This is a person who won’t even show up to do a real interview.”

As far as “Killshot” goes, MGK wasn’t impressed. “The first thing I thought was, and I listened to it, this thing is cheese but the artwork is fire,” he said. “‘Killshot’ was a leg shot. We’re talking about facts. You wanna talk about man buns? Answer the facts. You wanna talk about a hairstyle I wore for a movie. A blockbuster movie. Shoutout Nerve. And a 10-episode Showtime series called ‘Roadies.’ I’m an actor. How disconnected are you?”

He especially took offense to being called a “mumble rapper.” “You called me a ‘mumble rapper’? Can we just pour some out for this old dumbass?” said MGK, while pouring tequila onto the floor. “I can’t even.”

MGK claims he had another diss ready, but after hearing “Killshot,” he decided not to release it. “I actually had a clip ready, I heard ‘Killshot’ and I put that shit back in the holster,” he said. “My track record with beef isn’t Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. It’s all gorillas. I’ve went to war with nothing but gangsters, gorillas, and 450-pound security bouncers.”

After the diss tracks, MGK received a call from his Bad Boy boss Diddy, but didn’t answer. “He called me two days ago. I ain’t answer,” he said. “‘Cause I don’t need to be talked out of doing something like this. I’m not saying that’s what he would’ve done.”

As far as a reconciliation with Eminem goes, MGK doesn’t see it happening. “He doesn’t want to have a conversation. Fuck you. You blew it. It’s cool till it ain’t. I’m already over it.”

During the interview, MGK’s drug use was also brought up. When asked if he’s slowed down on the drugs, he replied, “Absolutely not.”

“Sometimes comfort from humans isn’t enough. … I almost was Mac [Miller]. There was a point where it was so bad. I had scratched my skin so hard my skin peeled off and there was just blood. Couldn’t piss. I had done too much of something. Have I gone to rehab? No.”

In addition to Marshall Mathers, Kelly opened up about his feud with G-Eazy, who released his own MGK diss track “Bad Boy” last month.

MGK claims he has slept with “many” of G-Eazy’s girls, including his current girlfriend Halsey. “Absolutely. That was when she and I were rockin’,” he said. “That was back when I had ironically, that hairstyle. I don’t know why she keeps getting thrown in there. I never said no names. Of course I’ma throw a punch line in because I know it hurts. And it’s just hip-hop. But the whole point is, the last time I saw you were acting real weird and then the next time I see you on a screen, you look just like me.”


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