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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Machine Gun Kelly Accused of Tricking Fans Into Anti-Eminem Photo

Posted by Unknown on 2:42 PM

Machine Gun Kelly is coming under fire for duping fans into supporting his anti-Eminem movement.

During his opening set on Fall Out Boy’s “Mania Tour,” the Cleveland rapper performed his Eminem diss “Rap Devil.” But prior to the performance at Orlando’s Amway Center on Sunday (Sept. 16), MGK turned his back to the crowd for a photo and told them to put their middle fingers up.

He then took off his sweatshirt to reveal a T-shirt with Eminem’s “Killshot” artwork. It appeared to those not in attendance that fans were co-signing his Eminem attack, which did not sit well with everyone.

“Tell them the truth Kelly,” wrote one concertgoer. “Let them know this was Fall Out Boy’s crowd. Let your fans know that you had on a jacket and asked the crowd if they can put up their middle fingers up for a picture (not telling them what the picture is for). Tell them how you turned away from the crowd took off the jacket to expose that shirt then had the pic taken. Then got booed when you revealed that shirt to the crowd. Stop fakin.”

Another fan added, “So let’s talk about how this MGK guy seems to be pulling some desperate moves to try and act like he didn’t just get bodied by #Eminem.”

Fall Out Boy’s fans also called out MGK for his antics. “Stop using us Fall Out Boy fans as your pawn in this childish feud. It was ugly to exploit Fall Out Boy and us fans that way,” wrote the concertgoer. “None of us were there to see you. At least 90% of people there weren’t.”

MGK later posted the photo in question to Instagram. “He missed,” he wrote in the caption.

There is also video circulating of MGK performing “Rap Devil” to the sound of boos. While there was some disapproval, it appears that the video has been edited to make the booing sound worse than it was. The original video can be seen below.


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