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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Joe Budden Says He’s ‘Been Better’ Than Eminem for a Decade

Posted by Unknown on 2:06 PM

Joe Budden is putting Eminem on blast.

After Slim Shady dissed him on his Kamikaze cut “Fall,” the Slaughterhouse MC clapped back at his former label boss during the latest episode of his “Joe Budden Podcast” on Wednesday (Sept. 5).

“News flash Em. I heard the album, and because I think you don’t really know all the members that were in the group [D12], I don’t really think you know our history,” said Budden. “Let me tell you what Joe Budden has thought this entire time. I’ve been better than you this entire fucking decade!”

“In my rapper brain, I’m a content ni**a. You gotta say something. You have not said anything for the better part of a whole fucking decade,” he added. “You have rhymed a bunch of words. Eminem is the best rhymer of words in the world, on the planet.”

He even insinuated that Em’s time is up. “How could I be mesmerized of someone that I think I’m better than? You’ve been in your cocoon so you’re unaware of a few things,” he said. “I don’t know what album y’all heard. I know a ni**a that knows it’s over. I heard a ni**a that’s fully aware that he has not said shit for about a decade now. I see a ni**a threatened by the other ni**as in the game.”

The disses didn’t stop there. “You fuckin’ superstar ni**as been sheltered and bored. MGK is right,” said Budden, referencing Machine Gun Kelly’s Eminem diss “Rap Devil.” “Y’all been slaves to your own fucking superstardom.”

Budden even threatened lyrical warfare on Em. “You inspire me the way my harsh criticism inspired you. You go spit something to make the superior MC, me, get out of his bed,” he said. “In the event you want to address me, you’ll do it outside of your album roll out. The second you do it, I’m on your ass. I am going to cut your fucking ass up.”

The two have been at odds since Joe called Em’s 2017 album Revival “trash.” Em responded on “Fall,” rapping, “Somebody tell Budden before I snap, he better fasten it / Or have his body baggage zipped / The closest thing he’s had to hits is smackin’ bitches.”


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