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Sunday, September 23, 2018

6ix9ine Recreates 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ Video

Posted by Unknown on 1:57 PM

6ix9ine is having some fun at 50 Cent’s expense.

The “FEFE” rapper took it back by recreating 50’s classic “In Da Club” video on Instagram. Wearing a sweatband around his head like the G-Unit mogul did in his 2003 video, a shirtless Tekashi works out in the gym and runs on the treadmill. He also channels his mentor in a red hat and hoodie in the comical clip.

“I’m going back to 50cent’s career anybody want something?” said 6ix9ine, while borrowing 50’s catchphrase. “”#getthestrap 😩 Go tell pops he better chill.”

The video was a response to 50’s criticism to the outfit 6ix9ine wore at the Philipp Plein show during Milan Fashion Week. Fif called out the designer for putting Tekashi in a helmet. “lm a fuck Philipp plein up for putting that helmet on my son head,” 50 wrote on Instagram. “l don’t care how much he paid him 😤don’t do that to my ew.”

However, Plein denied that the helmet was his doing, prompting 50 to issue an apology. “Ok lm sorry @philippplein l apologize it was just a misunderstanding,” he said. “So now l gotta find out who put that helmet on my son head.”

But it was all in good fun. 50 Cent has been a longtime 6ix9ine supporter and recently teamed up with him in the video for “Get the Strap” featuring Uncle Murda and Casanova.


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