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Monday, July 30, 2018

#InFlexWeTrustFreestyle: #IFWT0005 – Flamo [Full Video]

Posted by Unknown on 9:21 PM

Hey there, #IFWT Editor-in-Chief/Executive Producer for Tat Wza here, and we’re back with a new #InFlexWeTrustFreestyle in the series, the 5th one to be exact… we will be announcing a new contest VERY soon as well as drop #IFWT0006, including the stage performance from the #FunkFlexBirthdayBash by the winner! For today’s 0005 tho, we have Curator/IFWT IG blogger ChiniWitdaTea with Our winner’s Flamo, Story…

Words By Chini:

28 yr old Flamo is a rap artist straight out of Rochester, Ny. Flamo took on rapping since the age of nine. In the mid 90’s flamo’s uncle would have him competing with his friends on the block at every holiday function. Back in the days Flamo started off making beats on the garbage can. At that time getting respect from his neighborhood peers was a big deal to him, so with all the love from the streets that gave him the courage to go hard. Coming from a single parent household, city of Rochester, Ny. Flamo mother had to work multiple jobs to make ends met and take care of her kids. His mom was on welfare and that didn’t stop her from taking care of home. His father was a good dad but was mostly in the streets.

At this point flamo used this as his inspiration to succeed in life. Flamo is what you called self-made, he put himself through college and graduated. It wasn’t so easy but when you work hard and believe in yourself nothing is impossible. The thing about Flamo that makes him different from any other rap artist is that he’s organic, his flow is original and has a sound that nobody ever had. He spread good energy, and he actually studies music. His passion for music is at an all-time high. Flamo went to lay down his music in the studio 10 years ago and never looked back. Flamo decided to take his money and invest everything into his music and been in the rap game ever since. His biggest inspirations that kept him going was Tupac, Jay Z & Biggie smalls. Flamo is a humble artist that believes in spiritual callings. In his words God don’t make any mistakes you might feel things aint working in your favor, but you must keep climbing that mountain in order to succeed in life. Flamo not only make music but he’s also a song writer for hip hop artist. Very talented highly educated individual that won’t take no for an answer. If given the opportunity to do a feature with any one in this world it would be Drake & Kendrick Lamar .

In five years from now Flamo sees himself taking the game by storm as an established artist that’s well known and respected & making money off the music. Flamo has a project out now called Party Favors which is streaming everywhere. The title party favors come from has the idea of what people bring to the party some bring liquor, some bring food, but in this case flamo brings the music. Party favors has a lyrical side, a metallical side, raw hip-hop side .

This is a combination of flamo celebration this stage of his life, and life experiences July 21st flamo is dropping his video off this project so stay tuned for Flamos listening party & new music on the way. Flamo has done lots of networking at south by south west & he’s done tons of shows.

One afternoon Flamo was was driving and he had to pull over and he saw a twitter notification from #IFWT he was really excited and felt blessed to be the chosen one to win this week’s #ifwt #funkflexfreestyle. He submitted his freestyle a little while back and look how good God works out of everyone competing I’ve been selected. It still hasn’t really sunk in still because he’s extremely humble but yet thankful for this huge opportunity. Special congrats to flamo he has a child on the way and he’s planning on being the best dad a child could wish for. And his unborn child biggest inspiration .
Ig – flowgodflamo
Twiiter- flowgodflamo
Snapchat – flowgodflamo
Facebook- flowgodflamo
Writtenby – Bosslady_Chiniwitdatea IFWT


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