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Monday, July 9, 2018

#InFlexWeTrustFreestyle: #IFWT0004 – Asuco [Full Video]

Posted by Unknown on 3:18 PM

Another winner has been chosen from #FunkFlexFacebookMessenger. This is freestyle #IFWT0004. Every two weeks someone else gets the golden opportunity to spit next to #FunkFlex!! This week’s winner was born in Paterson and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. 24 year old rapper Asuco is ready to bring his talent to larger audiences…

By: KirasConvosIFWT

Aside from noticing the obvious; his weight his ownership of flow and energy when he spits is a show stopper. He started rapping at 16, influenced by a friend of his in high school. His drive for rapping took a back seat, and picked back up again at 24. Growing up his parents were locked up. At 6, his mom got out and worked non-stop. He mentions that he fathered himself, saying he went from “cursing to fighting to dealing to drugs, a cascade of issues”, but he allowed first hand experiences, hip-hop music and movies to teach him life lessons. He states “Music is more than just music to me… I can listen to a song and feel a certain way and it can flush out my pain”. His top 3 rappers of all time are 1.Big Pun 2. Big L 3. Heavy D. His top 3 rappers for present day are 1. Eminem 2. 50 cent 3. Cassidy. J Cole was the first rapper he mentioned, but then he backpedaled his list. Damn J. When asked who he would like to record with locally he says Albee Al (from the #InFlexWeTrustFreestyle Series), Jabar Hakeem and Oun-P. Asuco has done a few showcases in #NewYork including opening up for Oun-P in the Bronx last summer.
“I’m here and this like, this was like some God stuff, when I tell you this some God stuff only because when I won he called me, he told me I was second. I’m only here because the first dude couldn’t make it here, so im like, yo that’s like God like yo here bro.”
Most rap influencers and fans can appreciate his humble demeanor and old school sound. When asked about the track he is most proud of he says “Papi Underground” which he recorded with his close friend A-Lexx. He spits in Spanish on one of his verses, calling the song “very chanty” and coming “straight from the rip”. He learned from listening to other rappers, that they invent their own world sometimes, so when it was time to record he thought to himself “Yo, who are we? …We’re the Papi’s of Underground.” His Colombian roots empower him and give him the confidence to keep writing, recording, performing and chasing his passion. He recalls one of his first recordings in a friends’ tiny bathroom in their attic, with the mic hanging from a tile on the descending part of the ceiling, “if you moved to the left even a little, you’d hit your head on the mic” and now he finds himself freestyling with Funk Flex. He has a documentary coming out “Welcome to my City” which focuses on the musical culture of his Elizabeth community and he also has a new song dropping soon “Bodega” that he describes as a “fast paced, high energy, summer anthem”. Asuco credits his energy to his Colombian roots, his technical writing style, thinking about the people who he knows wants him to fail and his moms constant nagging about when he’s going to make it. He says “I put myself in a giant mind state like yo, you Asuco tell them who you are.”
You could be next on the list to Freestyle next to #FunkFlex. Go ahead and get on #FunkFlexFBMessenger to get involved. If you feel like you’ve got what it takes, drop $20 to record yourself live from your phone. If you’re feeling really confident drop $30 for the world to hear some bars you’ve already got.
Everyone rates, including you superstar. So either you as an artist will get people looking out for you due to the rates you give or you’ll rise to the top due to the rates you’ve been given. Either way someone new is chosen every two weeks. With that said it’s #GrindTime!! #IFWT #InFlexWeTrust


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