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Friday, July 20, 2018

Iggy Azalea Gets Surprise Call from Missy Elliott

Posted by Unknown on 3:12 PM

Iggy Azalea was in for a big surprise when her idol Missy Elliott phoned her up.

During a visit to Power 106’s “The Cruz Show” earlier this week, the “Kream” rapper was told by host J Cruz that a special guest was on the line. It took Iggy a second to recognize the voice, but once she realized who was calling, she was overcome with emotion.

“I’m like literally dying right now,” she told Missy. “I love you, you’re my hero.”

A grateful Iggy went on to explain how Missy influenced her career. “You’re my absolute hero of life,” she said before telling her that she was going to send her clothing for her dogs.

Missy was humbled by the compliment. “They hit me up and I said I wasn’t gonna miss it,” she said, telling Iggy, “Just keep doing your thing. Congratulations on all your success!”

Iggy revealed that “One Minute Man” is in her “top 3 favorite music videos of all time.” “I just admire your creativity so much,” she said.

After the call was over, Iggy continued gushing about the rap icon. “There’s only two people that are alive that I would fangirl over,” she said, referring to Missy and André 3000, whom she previously met. “I spent my entire childhood watching her videos, like just wanting to make music videos that could be anywhere near as good as hers. I know that mine aren’t, by the way, because she’s the ultimate GOAT of all-time music videos. She’s just the original girl that doesn’t fit the mold and she’s cool.”

Iggy is set to release her 6-track EP Survive the Summer on Aug. 3 featuring the Tyga-assisted single “Kream” and “Omg” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Survive the Summer Tracklisting

1. “Survive the Summer”
2. “Tokyo Snow Trip”
3. “Kream” feat. Tyga
4. “Hey Iggy”
5. “Kawasaki”
6. “Omg” feat. Wiz Khalifa


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