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Monday, June 4, 2018

J Prince Says Drake’s Response Would Have ‘Ended’ Pusha-T’s Career

Posted by Unknown on 3:15 PM

We may never hear Drake’s response to Pusha-T, but one person who has heard it claims it would have ended Pusha-T’s career.

While promoting his new book The Art & Science of Respect, Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince revealed that Drake recorded an unreleased response to Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” that would have been career-ending.

“The ingredients was overwhelming,” said Prince during an interview with “Sway’s Universe.” “I know for a fact that it would have been bad for Kanye and [Pusha]. It just wouldn’t have been good. It’s beyond music at that point. It’s gonna effect the livelihood, it’s gonna interfere with his whole lifestyle from that day forward.”

Prince even spoke with Kanye and decided it would be best to not release it. “After even speaking with Kanye, ’cause I spoke with the brother, and he didn’t want this. I saw it going in a place that I feel would have ended his career if Drake would have put out the song that he had on him. And definitely would have hurt families. We not in it for that. That’s not Drake’s character. We not in business to tear our brother, fellow man down to that extent.”

Prince feels Pusha crossed the line when he attacked Drake’s mother, father, and Noah “40” Shebib on “The Story of Adidon.” “I feel like it crossed the line where music was concerned,” he said. “The disrespect for his mother, the disrespect for his father, for 40, a man that’s dying. I know these people so I felt that that was totally disrespectful.”

He continued to compare it to “pig mentality.” “Some slop finna be thrown. My thing is, you’re a pig, and then you’re a hog, and then ultimately you get slaughtered.”

Host Sway Calloway mentioned that Drake called out Pusha’s fiancée Virginia Williams on his “Duppy Freestyle.” “He mentioned her, but it wasn’t in a vulgar manner,” said Prince. “Wrong is wrong. If it’s him and he spoke on a man’s fiancée in a vulgar manner, then I feel like, ‘You wrong homie.’ You can’t do that. But this dude, he went above and beyond the call of duty.”

And while Drake’s response may exist, don’t expect it to leak. “I don’t think it will leak because [Drake] gave his word,” said Prince. “Me knowing Drake like I know him, he has a word. Until I see differently, I will believe differently.”

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