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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Teairra Mari to Sue 50 Cent for Posting Revenge Porn

Posted by Unknown on 2:48 PM

Teairra Mari is taking 50 Cent to court for reposting a sexually-explicit image of her on Instagram.

In a press conference with her attorneys on Thursday (May 17), the “Love & Hip Hop” star claims her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad leaked a sex video and “obscene photo” as revenge before his close friend 50 reposted the image to his 18 million followers. She plans to file a lawsuit against the rapper.

“Last week I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me, so I broke up with him,” an emotional Mari told reporters. “Right after that, he posted a sex tape and an obscene photo of me, clearly to humiliate me. Then his good friend 50 Cent posted the obscene photo of me on his Instagram and said, ‘Get the strap.'”

The photo was widely viewed and caused her distress. “50 Cent has 18 million followers, so I was devastated and to make it even worse, even after Instagram took the picture down, he had no remorse, no regard, and he posted another photo and complained that IG was censoring him.”

Mari said Akbar had the password to her Instagram account and posted the imagery to humiliate her. Mari ended the relationship after finding out he was cheating on her.

Mari’s attorneys, Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley, plan to file a police report later today along with the suit. Abdul-Ahad, however, denies he was behind the act.

When the footage surfaced earlier this month, Mari called it “revenge porn.” “Recently, my social media was compromised by someone who I felt was deserving of my love and trust,” she said. “That person proved to be untrustworthy and posted footage of what in the moment was private and sacred.”

50 Cent reposted the salacious image on Instagram. “Damn baby,” he captioned it. “This reality Tv shit going to far…what you doing this for?”

After his post came down, 50 announced that he would be leaving Instagram. “I’m leaving IG, I’m going back to Twitter,” he said. “They take shit down off my page without notifying me.”

Prior to the press conference, 50 addressed the pending suit by posting a photo of him and Gloria Allred, Bloom’s mother.

“Oh Lisa stop, don’t make me tell your mom,” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “get the strap.”

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