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Monday, May 21, 2018

#InFlexWeTrustFreestyle: #IFWT0001 – Acosta [Full Video]

Posted by Unknown on 2:47 AM

For the longest time, maybe in the entire 20+ years I’ve worked at Hot, and obviously as long as Flex has been in the industry, New artist just want a chance for their work… no, their Passion, their creative, their Brain child, their soul… The MUSIC to be heard, that’s all they want, for the world to experience what they feel… Well it may have taken a while but the technology finally exist to give every rapper(the more bar laden the artist is the better) that very opportunity to be heard by the world

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

Congrats again on the 1st winner, Acosta, find him at @Acostasmusic, here’s his full vid;

We’ve been promoting this new feature for a minute, it’s as simple as hitting this link to get started, with more features to be added this week, like fane base! Anyway, I’m rating these tracks as we speak, listening to a Henry Blanco, not bad but his lyrics kinda ehhh… got keep it funky!

So here we are with the First winner announced and Moving forward we will pick the winner every 2 weeks, and you will get 2 new artists a month that the #InFluencersWeTrust aka our ‘IFWT A&R’s’ will put on your radar(and if you’re submitting, don’t be afraid to rate tracks too, this is exciting stuff!!! And Stay Tuned, lots more to come!!!


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