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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Chris Brown’s Lawyer Calls Alleged Rape Lawsuit a ‘Shakedown’

Posted by Unknown on 5:42 PM

Chris Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos is denying allegations from a woman claiming that she was sexually assaulted at the singer’s home.

Speaking with TMZ, Geragos refuted the reports. “If any of that were true, it would have been criminally investigated,” he said. “Obviously, it was and it was rejected.”

Additionally, Geragos claimed the alleged victim asked for $17 million. “The fact that they made a demand for $17 million and I told them to go pound sand probably explains why they did the press conference,” he added. “Chris didn’t do anything and they know Chris didn’t do anything. Other than using his name so that she could have a press conference, I don’t understand why he’s dragged into anything.”

Geragos went on to say that this would have been called a “shakedown” in “another era.” He also denied any wrongdoing. “My investigation shows that none of these allegations are true,” he explained. “There’s no case here.” He also said that Brown is a “target” for these types of legal situations.

“Anybody who comes at him should know that they’re going to meet the full force and brunt of my firm when they come after him,” he added. “It hasn’t worked out too well for anybody in the past and it’s certainly not gonna, I don’t think, work out too well for anybody in the future.”

Yesterday, a woman alleged that she had been raped by a man and forced to perform oral sex on a woman who was menstruating at Brown’s home. Doe’s attorney, Gloria Allred, fought back against Geragos’ claims. “Be prepared Mark,” she said. “We have our evidence and all that you appear to have is a statement that you and I mediated which is completely false.”

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