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Monday, May 7, 2018

Bryson Tiller Reveals Depression, Says He ‘Fell Off’ With Last Album

Posted by Unknown on 12:40 PM

While responding to the negative criticism around his sophomore album, True to Self, Bryson Tiller reveals that he was battling depression.

Taking to Twitter, the often reclusive star agreed with a fan who said he “fell off.” “it happens,” he added. “i’ll figure it out tho.” Then, he asked the critic if he made any beats, and if he’d help him “get back up to where you once thought i was.”

Another critic hit him on Twitter, alleging that Tiller doesn’t show any loyalty to his fans. “i love them,” the singer replied. “just trying my hardest not to disappoint like i did before.”

Bryson took to Twitter to further clarify his state of mind. “1. i was depressed before i made [True to Self] and you can hear it in the music 2. statistically, we didn’t do that great because of it,” he wrote. “3. depression ended in 2017 and i been workin hard ever since. stay tuned.”

True to Self was Pen Griffey’s first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard 200. However, the Louisville crooner’s album earned mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. “Tiller thinly stretches himself to 19 tracks with no added dimension,” wrote Spin. “It ultimately amounts to a checklist for Broke Boys-turned-Hurt Boys.” Pitchfork said he “struggles to let his guard down,” and that he is “too bland and full of tropes.” They claimed “his personal narrative…feels wrung dry.”

In December, Tiller addressed this time period in his life during an interview with Tim Westwood. “I’m my biggest hater and my worst critic, so when I see all these people saying things it’s like I’m agreeing with them,” he said. “All these things just kinda took a toll on me, and not only that, but I went through a lot of crazy things with legal troubles and stuff with old management…I was in a dark, dark place after Trapsoul.”

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