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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sanaa Lathan Bit Beyoncé in the Face, Multiple Sources Say

Posted by Unknown on 2:33 PM

Tiffany Haddish launched an online investigation when she revealed that a mystery actress once bit Beyoncé in the face. Now, multiple sources say that Sanaa Lathan is the secret starlet, according to TMZ.

An insider claims that the bite wasn’t aggressive, and was more playful and non-invasive. But it was enough to anger Haddish, who said she wanted to beat her up for disrespecting Queen Bey.

Lathan somewhat denied the allegations in a coy manner on Monday (March 26). “Y’all are funny,” she tweeted. “Under no circumstances did I bite Beyoncé and if I did it would’ve have been a love bite.”

Insiders also say that Beyoncé confronted the Love & Basketball actress for speaking with JAY-Z at a “4:44 Tour” after-party back in December. Lathan reportedly denied impropriety and “gave her a jokey bite” in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Haddish was at the party, said she wanted to beat her up, and Beyoncé asked her not to.

Haddish revealed bits and pieces of the incident in separate interviews. She didn’t say any names, but that only fueled speculation. “I cannot leave this planet without knowing who bit Beyoncé in the face,” tweeted Chrissy Teigen. “I can only think of one person who would do this. but I cannot say. but she….is the worst.”

Later, Teigen said she found out the answer. “My initial guess was wrong,” she also wrote. “The real person? I *never* would have guessed. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH. I AM NEVER TELLING I’m scared I’ve said too much KNOWLEDGE IS A CURSE!”

Some BeyHive backlash hit Haddish. The Girls Trip star responded to critics with a lengthy post about loyalty. “Y’all forgot I am in the hive too and just know this I will always speak my truth. That’s not going to stop,” she said. “The Queen 🐝 kept me from doing something half of you Bees would have done no matter what. To me she is a Shero and a Great person I have learned so much from her in just a short amount of time. So no matter what she has a Unicorn🦄 that has her back.”

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