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Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Music: Kehlani – ‘Let Me Live’

Posted by Unknown on 10:45 AM

In addition to Sade, Demi Lovato, and DJ Khaled, Kehlani contributes to Ava DuVernay’s star-studded A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack with the original song “Let Me Live.”

The empowering anthem finds Lil Lani singing about inner fears with candor. “Do I have the sight to face what I gotta see?” she asks. “Do I have this strength to fight my insecurities?”

Eventually, Tsunami finds strength within to overcome, fitting A Wrinkle In Time’s theme. “There’s something inside of me screaming,” she sings. “Let me live out loud.”

The Bay Area singer opened up about the song on Instagram, revealing why it was so personal. “When Disney brought me in to see the movie, it was maybe 3 of us in the room,” she wrote. “I had just received a phone call about my mother, and was feeling weary about holding up through watching a movie about something that would hit so close to home in such an emotional time frame. This movie shows the strength of love, family, never giving up on those you love.. and a young girl’s ability to face her fears & allow her heart to take the drivers seat. As the credits rolled up I was BAWWWWWLING. Like, blubbering crying and I haven’t cried like that (especially at a movie) in ages.

“Thank you @ava for letting me a part of something that I know will affect the world so deeply, and also for letting me be apart of something that gave me courage in a moment when I didn’t have any,” she added. “We all got a little Meg in us, and when we find our strength we are unstoppable. So proud of you @stormreid everyone go see A Wrinkle In Time, in theatres today. 10/10, favorite film in a very long time.”

Ava responded by saying that the open letter brought tears to her eyes. “Thank you for always putting your heart into everything [you] do,” she replied. “It was an honor to welcome you into our Wrinkle in Time family…Film is forever. And your voice is a part of our film for all time. What a brave, beautiful voice it is. Blessings, dear sister.”

A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack also includes Sade’s “Flower of the Universe,” Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled’s “I Believe,” and Chloe x Halle’s “Warrior.” Both the soundtrack and film are out now.


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