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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lloyd Banks Denies Retirement; 50 Cent Mocks with Meme

Posted by Unknown on 1:33 PM

Lloyd Banks surprised many of his Twitter followers on Friday (March 16), when he appeared to announce his retirement from the music industry. Shortly afterwards, he denied this notion, but not before being mocked by 50 Cent.

All of this began with a message of gratitude from the Punchline King. “I fell in love with Hip Hop over 25 years ago,” he wrote. “It was that thing I turned to during good times and bad..just wanna say thank you to the artist B4 me that inspired me..and send my appreciation to everyone that supported me till this day THANK YOU!! With that being said..I think it’s time to lay it down 💯.”

Fans took this to mean that the G-Unit soldier was retiring from the music business. Even 50 Cent got in on the action, mocking Banks with a meme that read: “Lloyd Banks be like Retirement.” He added his own caption: “I be like, I got shit to do.”

But the speculation stopped when Banks returned to social media with a classic Ric Flair clip, where the Nature Boy reveals: “I will never retire!”

“Just goes to show you what a mess the industry has become..they’ll rather cover everything that happens around the music..than the actual music itself,” he wrote. “I hope all these outlets support me when I drop..have a good day.”


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