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Thursday, March 29, 2018

50 Cent Co-Signs 6ix9ine as ‘King of New York’

Posted by Unknown on 4:36 PM

Who runs New York? According to 50 Cent, it’s 6ix9ine. The G-Unit general co-signed the self-proclaimed “King of New York” in a social media video that surfaced this week.

“Tell ’em what you runnin,” Fif told Tekashi 69 while laughing beside him. “Tell ’em what you runnin’.” The rainbow-haired rapper replied: “New York’s mine.”

“50 told me next time I say I’m the king of New York to say it LOUDER,” 6ix9ine wrote on Instagram. “He also gave me 13 dollars for my birthday how ironic right…haters so mad right now.”

50 Cent explained his reasoning on Instagram. “The little homies getting big as a motherfvcker,” he wrote. “l said you can’t be saying all that crazy shit you be saying. 69: said why not you be saying it. 50: l said oh shit you right, fuck it do what you want to do. LOL NY.”

The G-Unit boss also once claimed the throne. In 2005, he released “I Run New York” with Tony Yayo as a diss to Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss. He also famously repeated this phrase (“I run New York”) on 2007’s “I Get Money.”

50 and 6ix9ine have more than just numeric names in common. The two also call The Game a mutual foe. Chuck Taylor recently likened Tekashi to “a single mother on a girls trip.”

After releasing his debut album Day69, Tekashi called himself the hottest artist in New York. “I’m the hottest artist in the city,” he said. “Every song I put out makes the Billboard Hot 100. I don’t got no co-signs…I’m self-made.”

He also boasted about the fact that no one has stopped him from calling himself the king. “A lot of people feel some type of way when I say I’m the king of New York,” he said on Instagram. “I feel you, but if I wasn’t the king of New York, don’t you think somebody would have stopped me by now? Don’t you think someone would have put an end to that?”

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