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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Stream Kodak Black’s ‘Heart Break Kodak’

Posted by Unknown on 10:42 AM

Kodak Black turns into Heart Break Kodak on Valentine’s Day. The prolific 20-year-old unleashes his latest project, a 17-song effort about thuggin’ and lovin’.

The ups and downs of romance are all over the project, which features appearances from Tory Lanez (“F**k With You”) and Lil Wayne on the previously-released single “Codeine Dreaming.”

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The opening track, “Running Outta Love,” kicks off with Project Baby’s reflection on ill-fated love. “I’m through with this shit,” he says. “This shit ain’t gonna work. This shit that we got going on so rusty, dog, you can’t even polish it. I ain’t even gonna lie, babe. I don’t see no future in us.”

That type of talk continues on tracks “Hate Being Alone.” “I done did enough time by myself and shit,” he says on “Hate Being Alone.” “Right now, I just wanna be with you all the time and shit, like every day … I don’t wanna be alone for a day / I’d rather be alone with you, babe.”

The effort follows last year’s Painting Pictures, Project Baby Two, and Project Baby Two: All Grown Up. He is now readying Institution 2.


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