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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Music: A-Trak & Falcons feat. Young Thug & 24hrs – ‘Ride for Me’

Posted by Unknown on 4:36 PM

A-Trak and Falcons go on a journey with Young Thug and 24hrs on “Ride for Me.”

The track opens with a gruff-sounding Thugger, who sings about his ride-or-die. “Tell me you gon’ ride for me,” he sings. “Tell me you gon’ die for me.” Later, he rhymes about how he’s going to bust a bazooka to “turn ya noodle to chalupa.”

An Auto-Tuned 24 comes through on some jet skis, boasting about diamonds and his money stacking tall. “Sippin’ on mimosas with the jeweler,” he sings. “Only measure money with a ruler.”

“When we did ‘Ride for Me,’ I was in complete awe of Thug’s take,” said A-Trak. “No one’s ever heard him sound like this. I’m really into sound manipulation—I’m a scratch DJ. Hearing Thug’s voice be so elastic, so malleable, testing the limits of what a human voice can sound like is incredible to me. I love how he jumps from this self-distorted screaming style to his familiar squeaky bouncy voice.”

The producer said the song has been in the stash for quite some time. “I was sitting on the song for a little while, trying to figure out a structure to it,” he added. “Eventually I got 24hrs to come in and round it out.”

Ride with the crew below.


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