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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lil Pump Previews ‘ESSKEETIT’ Single

Posted by Unknown on 1:18 PM

Following a run-in with the law, Lil Pump gets back to the music, previewing his upcoming self-produced single “ESSKEETIT.”

Over bounce-driven production, the “Gucci Gang” rapper delivers an energetic performance about everything from designer clothes to ecstasy.

“Only wear designer, esskeetit,” he raps on the track, which flips his signature catchphrase. “Hoppin’ out the Wraith, esskeetit / Smashin’ on your bitch, esskeetit / Runnin’ up a check with no limit.”

Pump previously shared a snippet of the track, revealing its title (“ESSKEETIT”). At the time, he also said he produced the song himself.

The song is expected to appear on Harvard Dropout, an upcoming mixtape that’s inspired by a running joke that he went to Harvard University, despite the fact that he’s 17 years old.

Earlier this month, the rapper was arrested for firing a gun inside of his home. He was taken to a juvenile detention center and was later seen wearing an ankle monitor while rapping about “house arrest.”

Pump recently got out of his Warner Bros. deal due to the fact that he signed it as a minor. He’s since hinted at wanting a multi-million dollar contract and insinuated that he signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records.


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