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Friday, February 16, 2018

Drake Launches ‘God’s Plan’ Kindness Challenge

Posted by Unknown on 4:36 PM

Drake is spreading the love.

After giving away nearly $1 million in the video for “God’s Plan,” which is full of good deeds, the 6 God is asking his fans to join him for a kindness challenge.

“I am not into challenges on IG I find them annoying…but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone,” he wrote on Instagram Stories, “anything, the smallest thing, just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being spread.”

He continued by saying that he doesn’t want this to seem like a ploy for streams, which other artists have employed for similar social media challenges.

“You don’t have to play the song in the background or have some hashtag,” he added. “This isn’t about streams and all the other tactics being used…just go be kind in any way you can and let’s all watch the world be nice to each other even if it’s for 24 hours.”

Drizzy gave away close to $1 million in the video for “God’s Plan,” which documents his random acts of kindness, including donations to a local school and women’s shelter. He also surprised people with cars, cash, and shopping sprees.

Aubrey Graham might hate IG challenges, but he doesn’t seem to mind if they’re for a good cause. Nearly four years ago, he participated in the famous ice bucket challenge, a social media initiative to bring awareness to ALS.


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