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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Azealia Banks Says She Will Have the ‘Album of the Year’

Posted by Unknown on 4:42 PM

Azealia Banks has lofty goals for her upcoming album Fantasea II: The Second Wave. Taking to Instagram, she revealed that she believes it will be considered “the album of the year across all genres” and that it will solidify her place as “one of the most talented women in music.”

In a black-and-white message, Banks wrote in third person about her predictions. “Azealia Banks will have the album of the year across all genres,” she wrote. “I will have the best female rap album this year and for years to come.”

She continued by saying that her 2014 debut Broke With Expensive Taste is “miles ahead of anything any currently active female rapper is doing, has done, or will do for the next 20 years” and that her next effort will continue in that tradition.

“Fantasea Two will be a reconfirmation of the fact that I am one of the most talented women in music,” she added. “Absolutely no shade to female rap…but this is and has been my art war since 212 dropped. I’m the only true artful competition in female rap. I’m entirely too versatile… entirely too limber of mind to be beat.”

In the caption, she bragged that she is able to have this “endless, boundless creativity” because she is “a bit loosely assembled.”

Recently, Banks revealed that Fantasea II will feature Mel B (“Anna Wintour”), Busta Rhymes (“Tastes State”), and more. The sequel to her 2012 mixtape is expected to arrive by June via eOne.


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