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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Watch Cardi B Replace Alexa in Amazon’s Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by Unknown on 12:36 PM

Okurrr! Cardi B is the new Alexa.

Amazon has unveiled its star-studded Super Bowl commercial, which finds some of today’s pop culture icons filling it for the intelligent personal assistant when she loses her voice. Actor Anthony Hopkins, actress Rebel Wilson, chef Gordon Ramsay, and the “Bodak Yellow” rapper step up to the plate in the crisis.

One customer poses a question for Bardi, who laughs it off. “How far is Mars?” she responds while standing in her giant closet. “How am I supposed to know? I’ve never been there! This guy wanna go to Mars. For what? There’s not even oxygen there!”

Later, when a customer asks Alexa to play country music, Cardi has another idea, and “Bodak Yellow” starts blasting through the speakers.

Hopkins, Wilson, and Ramsay add to the commercial with their own hilarious responses to Alexa questions. Now, it looks like the company is planning to add more Alexa voices, including “SNL’s” Leslie Jones.

Watch Cardi transform into Alexa below.


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