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Friday, January 5, 2018

Travis Scott Talks ‘AstroWorld,’ Kanye West, & Kylie Jenner

Posted by Unknown on 1:36 PM

Travis Scott is on a mission. After dropping Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho with Quavo last month, La Flame is poised to release his third solo album AstroWorld in 2018.

He’s been teasing the album since 2016, but Scott says he isn’t done tinkering with it just yet. “I don’t even know what’s going to be on it yet,” he tells Billboard for the latest issue.

What he does know is that AstroWorld will be a shot at superstardom following Rodeo and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. “I worked so hard on Rodeo and Birds,” he added. “It might not have been recognized by the masses, but my fans always went hard. This year I’m on a mission to be heard.”

Frequent collaborator Kanye West is also involved in the creative process, offering guidance along the way. “I played him some joints,” he said. “We’re always talking. We’re always working on shit. I see him every day.”

AstroWorld is part of Scott’s “Mission 28,” a mission that he’s on to go “crazy all the way till Nov. 28.” Why that deadline? “That’s just a date,” he adds. “i’m trying to get shit turnt.”

Read additional quotes from Scott’s Billboard cover story below.

On His Busy Schedule: “I’ve been on this schedule for the past six, seven years. I got too much shit to do, too much ground to cover. My whole life, I ain’t been on vacation.”

On Hip-Hop: “I don’t want rap to feel so disposable. I want it to start lasting again.”

On Stevie Wonder: “My next album is going to have Stevie. Well, I’m trying. We’re talking.”

On Grammys: “Maybe nobody played them the album, I don’t know. Maybe I don’t speak loud enough. One day, hopefully, people might finally catch on. I just want the music to speak for itself.”

On Learning From Kendrick Lamar: “If anything, I learned how to take records and make them huge without changing yourself. Just keep it pure.”

On Kylie Jenner’s Rumored Pregnancy: “I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing.”


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