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Friday, January 5, 2018

50 Cent Says President Trump Is ‘Bluffing’ the World

Posted by Unknown on 7:48 PM

50 Cent opens up about President Donald Trump. Since they’re both tycoons from Queens, New York, the G-Unit General says he “recognizes” qualities in the POTUS that make him think his presidency was “an accident.”

During an interview with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” this week, 50 explained how he came to this conclusion. “When something happens by accident, you’re not prepared for it,” he said. “I think he was trying to get a great renegotiation for ‘The Apprentice.’ He wanted to lose the presidency. He didn’t want the job. When you win, you go, ‘What the fuck? So now I gotta be the president?’ That’s how it goes.”

Fit went on to say he recognizes other characteristics that concern him in the president. “Recently, he was saying, ‘I got a bigger nuclear button.’ That’s stuff you do in the neighborhood,” he added. “If you know somebody got a problem with you, you go, ‘You want a problem? No problem.’ He’s bluffing. That’s how you bluff, but you don’t bluff with the entire world. What the fuck? You don’t do that. He don’t want that smoke. We don’t want that smoke. None of us. We don’t want that to take place. But he was like, ‘Yo, I got a bigger nuclear button than you.’ That’s like saying, ‘I got a bigger Johnson that yours.'”

Elsewhere during the interview, 50 Cent previewed his new film Den of Thieves and showed host Stephen Colbert how to beef with his late-night rivals by looking into the camera and dissing them directly. “Man, fuck Jimmy Kimmel,” he said. “Fuck you, Bobby [Flay]. We gon’ start it right now. Fuck you, Bobby.”

Taking to Instagram after the show, he wrote: “Now I’m going to go get jimmy Kimmel pumped up, it will only result in great late night television. LOL.”

Featuring Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and 50 Cent, Den of Thieves hits theaters Jan. 19.


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