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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Azealia Banks Defends Nicki Minaj Against Joe Budden

Posted by Unknown on 5:48 PM

On the heels of a public dispute with Remy Ma, Azealia Banks has found new targets for her ire, sparking a new feud with Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God in defense of Nicki Minaj.

After watching “This Year Was Dope/Trash 2017” on Revolt, where Budden and Charlamagne called the Young Money queen’s 2017 “trash,” Banks went in on the show’s hosts.

“It SERIOUSLY makes me sick to my stomach to see @cthagod and joe burden get pleasure from tearing this black woman down because they are LEGIT LYING TO THEMSELVES,” wrote Banks. “Not cardio nor remus are fucking with nicki on her day off.”

In a lengthy tirade posted on Instagram Stories, Banks proceeded to call Joe “Burden” while claiming that he suffered “emotional trauma (and possible industry backlash) from being rejected by [JAY-Z] well over ten years ago.” “He is also a rapper who needed love and hip-hop to restart his very dry typical rap ni**a story,” she added. “Now he thinks he’s an insightful critic.”

Although she has found a change of heart, Banks previously dissed Nicki, as well. “Slim down a bit (especially in your neck and arms),” Azealia said of Minaj in December of last year. “Decrease the butt just a bit (I’ve seen your butt make some really expensive dresses look really cheap) and STOP WEARING SPANDEX AS AN OUTFIT FOR F**KS SAKE.” Since then, she’s apologized to Nicki and vowed never to diss her again.

During the Revolt show in question, Budden claimed that Nicki’s year was “trash” because of her moves outside of music. “I do not have any issue with Nicki Minaj except for you cannot post your accolade on Instagram every day for the year,” he said. “I’ma call you trash.”

Meanwhile, Charlamagne focused on her music, saying that “No Frauds” failed despite having Drake, Lil Wayne, and “the iHeartRadio stimulus package” to support it. “That record didn’t go bruh,” he added. “She had another record with Wayne on it. That record didn’t go at all. She had a third record. I don’t know what the fuck happened.”

He went on to say that he also didn’t like some of her moves that weren’t as obvious. “I think what Nicki did this year was trash, musically,” he said. “I didn’t like a lot of her moves behind the scenes.”


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