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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stream Jaden Smith’s Debut Album ‘SYRE’

Posted by Unknown on 9:36 PM

The moment has arrived. Three years in the making, Jaden Smith unleashes his debut album SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion.

The introspective 17 tracks include appearances from A$AP Rocky (“Breakfast”) and Raury (“Falcon”), plus the previously-released “Watch Me” and “Batman.”

Featuring the soothing sounds of “Lost Boy,” the hypnotic bounce of “George Jeff,” and the trap-infused “The Passion,” SYRE is meant to showcase multiple sides of his personality.

“I love Batman because in the daytime he’s Bruce Wayne, and in the nighttime he’s Batman,” Jaden told Highsnobiety. “And I feel the exact same way because in the daytime I’m Jaden Smith, but in the nighttime I’m Syre — which is my middle name and the name of my album. That’s where I pull a lot of inspiration from — reminiscing on the past, thinking about the future, the world, about how far we’ve come with MSFTSrep, and everything that we’ve done.”

Despite the delay, Smith says the time is right. “I’m suited for right now,” he added. “I’m supposed to be here right now. If I would’ve come any earlier, people would’ve just tried to kill me.”

The album is also set to deliver on Jaden’s experimental influence. “I have a new genre I’m trying to work with that’s called Pop-Runk,” he told iHeartRadio. “I don’t really know what that means and there’s no definition for runk in the English dictionary. I feel like that’s what it is. It’s pop mixed with something you don’t know, that you don’t understand, that you cannot describe. I’m trying to take popular culture and mix it all together and give something new to the world.”

Stream SYRE below.


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