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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Q-Tip Slams Grammys for Snubbing A Tribe Called Quest

Posted by Unknown on 4:36 PM

Q-Tip is putting the Grammys on blast.

Upon learning that A Tribe Called Quest’s final album We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service was omitted from the 2018 nominations, Q-Tip took to social media to address the snub.

“Y’all Grammy motherfuckers, fuck y’all,” he said. “Yesterday we was on y’all stage. Y’all fucking busted y’all ass to try to get us out there to perform. You think a ni**a wanted to go out there and perform after I lost my man? We closed y’all show and we don’t get no fucking nominations? The last Tribe album? My man is gone.”

Despite his displeasure, Tip acknowledged the other rap nominees. “Respect to everybody who’s nominated and all that, but whatever,” he said. “I’m speaking for mine. I’m sick of you fucking Grammy ni**as, man.”

Later, he denounced the Grammys as “corny” and promoted LL Cool J’s upcoming 2017 Kennedy Center induction, where James Todd Smith will become the first rapper inducted in the event’s 40-year history. “Y’all come see what the fuck we doing over there,” he said. “Fuck y’all Grammy ni**as.”

Throughout the clips, Q-Tip lamented the death of fellow Tribe member Phife Dawg, who passed away last year at the age of 45.

Vince Staples, whose Big Fish Theory was bypassed for nominations as well, also tweeted about Music’s Biggest Night. “Dont talk to me about the grammys,” he wrote. “If you wanted it nominated you should’ve listened to it. Now I have other things to attend to, enjoy your day. We are all entirely too sensitive about trophies. Y’all should’ve played football.”

While Tribe and Staples were among the snubs, this year’s Grammys were celebrated for their diversity. The major categories were dominated by minorities and no white male artists were nominated in the Album of the Year category for the first time in 19 years.

@qtiptheabstract addresses A Tribe Called Quest’s #GRAMMYs snub

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Get off my lawn

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