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Friday, November 17, 2017

Chance the Rapper & Eminem Team Up in ‘SNL’ Promos

Posted by Unknown on 1:24 PM

Chance the Rapper and Eminem team up for a couple of laughs in a trio of “Saturday Night Live” promos ahead of their co-headlining gig on the iconic comedy series this weekend.

The first of the short ads features “SNL” cast member Leslie Jones, who’s trying to get her 8 Mile on with Slim Shady. When asked why he won’t battle the Ghostbusters star, Marshall Mathers responds: “She’ll win.” “That is correct, sir,” Jones confirms with B. Rabbit’s confidence.

Up next, Jones beams about a dream she had, which also involved Chance and Em. At first, she claims that the trio was knitting in the dream, but then coyly adds: “Man, we was not knittin’.” When Shady asks if they were snowboarding in the dream, Jones give him a knowing look.

In the third clip, Eminem and Jones give Chance the Rapper a new nickname. Here, Shady takes issue with Chano’s current monicker, saying, “Wait, I thought I was the rapper.” When Chance says he should probably change his name, Jones and Mr. Mathers give him some ideas, including Chance the Hottie, Chance the Poet, Chance Encounter, Chance the Triple Threat, and Chancer the Dancer.

To help promote the episode, where Eminem will be the musical guest and Chance will be the host, Lil Chano joined “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he said that he never met Eminem before this week. He also used the opportunity to talk about a recent tweet about his love for Drake.

“It’s true,” he said. “I love Drake. We live in a time where people are ashamed to say how much they love Drake or enjoy what he does. I’m totally rebelling against that.”

During the interview, Fallon also celebrated Chance as the first unsigned artist to ever host “Saturday Night Live.” “I don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations,” he said, noting that he wrote three sketches for the series. “I could be terrible on the show, but still the first.”


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