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Monday, September 18, 2017

Funk Flex Talks To Kevin Chiles About Alpo & Rich Porter, AZ, Snitches Vs Witness & More

Posted by YeezysWorld on 3:48 AM

Don Diva Magazine’s own Keven Chiles and Delson Holoway dropped by to make sure some truths get told, and there be no doubt about what’s what!

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This all started because Flex had been mentioning Alpo at diff times recently, to the point Mysonne came through in #Freestyle046 and talked about Alpo needing to be ’taken care of’, Flex did say Alpo was a snitch, then on-line a kid claiming to be Po’s Son made Flex feel like there was another side to it, but since most have said Alpo def was a snitch, and now Keven Chiles, someone who ran with Alpo, and had his own issue’s with Alpo in his ‘paperwork’ 😳.

In case you didn’t watch, or want to make sure you hit just the good points, here’s a list:

‘back then the hustlers used the product’
‘freakin off classic slang’
‘Had it figured out by 1986’
‘working class ppl’
‘freebase; poor man’s drug, rich man’s high’
‘Richard Pryor nationalized it’
‘a key was 50/60k’
‘Harlem wasn’t gentrified like now’
‘they didn’t know it was crack’
‘how do we do(handle dealing with) a ransom’
‘CCE continuing criminal enterprise ‘
‘Kevin Chiles theory on AZ’

And a lot more, really… watch the whole thing!!


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